Let’s start with Khan Academy. The goal of Khan Academy is to create set of online tools that help educate students. Short lessons in videos and supplementary practice exercises are all free. No contracts or ads. Many of the lessons are intended for students, but for those of us dedicated to lifelong learning, this is smart way to learn.

Here are some topics of interest to video producers:

Computing and Programming.
This includes computer science if you ever wished they offered that in your schooling.

Introduction to storytelling from some experts at Pixar storytellers.

Intro to JS (Java script): Drawing & Animation
which includes using code to draw and animate and lots more.

Introduction To Character

Art History

Khan Academy is just the beginning. There are a lot of free online courses. Such as an Animation and CGI Motion Course from Columbia University. That article also links to 400 free Ivy League university courses you can take online.

In addition, The Small Business Administration offers a wealth of courses and resources for aspiring, new, and established business owners through its SBA Learning Center. This assortment of free online courses is grouped into three categories: Plan Your Business, Launch Your Business, and Manage Your Business.

YouTube has some serious educational channels on every imaginable topic. You may have to wade through less-than-stellar content to find the gems. But they are there.

If you want to be a name-dropper, take an online course at Harvard.

Certificates Are Extra

While all of the courses we’ve listed here are free, some may charge for issuing a certificate of completion. These are not expensive and in some cases may count toward college credits.

I hope you will browse through the topics which most interest you. When you find something that really clicks, go deeper and study the other lessons. Online courses can help you develop new skills, enhance your resume and provide satisfaction in a way that school could not.