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I’m just a Wedding Videographer and I refuse to believe that I really make a difference.

I'm just a wedding videographer and I refuse to believe that I really make a difference. David Perry, Alex Litz, Steve Moses, Ray Roman, David Robin, Loyd Calomay, Gebbs, Jose Ortiz, Travis Cossell, Fresh Sox, VHvideo,com... Keep reading >

Get Free Marketing and PR on TV, Print, & more.

By: Anthony Burokas
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VideoUniversity regular Bill Grant gets 2-3 minutes of air time on his local station every week with a viewer-focused ... Keep reading >

Hello to VideoUniversity Readers

VideoUniversity® welcomes it's newest writer, a 20-year event & broadcast television veteran who's been writing for the industry in trade magazines and online for more than 7 years. Anthony Burokas joins the Video University crew and will be writing about technology and about the business side of the business. ... Keep reading >

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