Mount a shotgun on a drone. What could possibly go wrong? A Russian defense contractor has patented a 50 pound drone that uses an automatic shotgun to shoot other drones out of the sky. The shotgun has a 10-round magazine. Fortunately the drone is not autonomous. It requires an operator who wears a video visor. This enables the operator to fly the drone and aim the weapon. The shotgun is in the nose of the aircraft. The wider pattern of a shotgun compared to a rifle or pistol makes it easier to hit the target. This drone killer has an auto-follow system that takes over after the drone locks onto a target.

Drone Killer

It looks more like an airplane, but takes off and lands vertically like a conventional quadcopter. This prototype drone killer was built by the “Student Design Bureau of Aviation Modeling” at the Moscow Aviation Institute. It’s similar to a drone made for mining companies, farmers and pipeline surveyors. As one YouTuber commented “It’s amazing how passionate humans get about inventing new ways to murder each other.”

A smarter use of drones is the mini drone for under $30.