December 30th 2009

Sometimes we forget this is a collaborative business. It’s very easy to become a one man band and think you can and should do it all. And yes, a great many jobs must be done by one person for economic reasons. But when you can, there are good reasons to hire skilled help:

A collaborative approach is more fun;

Make your project look better;

Allow you to focus on the things you do best;

Get a second opinion;

Learn new skills.

Even though I once made my living as a freelance cameraman, I’ve had productions where it was much smarter for me to hire a good cameraman which allows me to focus entirely on directing and producing.

When it’s appropriate, don’t hesitate to hire a skilled freelancer for a job rather that trying to do it all yourself. Even if it’s a spec job, a skilled freelancer can help make you look good.

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You’ll find creative people you should meet. Video producers, directors, editors, shooters, After Effects artists, photographers, web designers, graphic artists, musicians, and many others you would probably enjoy talking to. It can’t hurt to contact a fellow creative.