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A recent Nielson Company report reports that, “The recommendation of someone else remains the most trusted source of information when consumers decide which products and services to buy.” 78% of respondents said they trusted ”“ either completely or somewhat ”“ the recommendation of other consumers. Video enhances this recommendation. Add video testimonials to your website.

Recognize the Importance of Taking a Break for Video Producers

Being self-employed has many rewards, but we tend to consistently work more hours than our sometimes employed friends. And there’s a price for this.

Long hours of work can cause burnout. This can take a real toll on your emotional and physical well being. The solution is obvious – take some time off. But, you say, my business will fall apart. I’ll miss the next big job, and so on.

According to a survey conducted by American Express, 40 percent of the smallest business owners – businesses with less than $200,000 in annual revenues – plan no vacation time in any given year. And of those who do schedule a break, most never use it. One third combine a business trip with vacation time. Half check in with the office at least once a day.

The survey says that the following concerns are cited most often by business owners:

  1. There is no other competent person to leave in charge and others will make the wrong decisions.
  2. An important client or customer will not receive appropriate service.
  3. The business will miss a new opportunity.
  4. An operational breakdown will occur without anyone to solve the problem.

It’s easier when you have employees you can delegate responsibility to. But when you’re a one-man band, it’s a little tougher, but it can be done. Place prominent notices on your web site. Explain that all customers orders and jobs will be fulfilled upon your return on a certain date. Change your voice mail message. Ask your neighbor to keep an eye on your home and let the police to know you will be gone for that time period. Call important clients and tell them what you are planning. If you have another producer you trade work with, introduce that person to your key clients.

Fill out a form at your Post Office Authorization to Hold Mail you can get at your Post office or download here

When you vacation can be an important factor. If your business is typically slow in the winter months, that’s the time to escape. Keep notes on all of these actions including the vacation voice mail you recorded. Save this file as VacationToDo or some such. This will help you take a vacation more easily next time.

Some other tactics to help you get vacation time. Institute summer hours, perhaps 10 – 5, rather than 9 -6. Close early on Fridays.

Vacation Is as Important as Sleep

According to doctors and psychotherapists, lack of vacation is like sleep deprivation. Just as lack of sleep impedes your ability to think clearly and act decisively, lack of playtime keeps you from taking in information effectively and seeing the totality of a situation. It can reduce your reflex time and make you cranky.

A vacation will not kill your business. It can be inexpensive. It can be only a few days, but it is very important to you and your business. Plan for it. Make it happen.

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