January 26th 2010

Documentaries That Pay

Do you remember what first attracted you to the notion of producing documentaries? Perhaps you liked the idea of telling stories about real people, interesting people. Or causes that you cared about. Or a host of other things. If you were fortunate enough to get a grant, find a paying client, or work in TV news, you were the envy of many.

But the fact is that documentaries in general are not a very profitable field. What a shame for those of us who love the documentary form.

I’ve discovered an unlikely business that needs and pays for well-produced documentaries. It’s lawyers and lawsuits! There are two kinds of videos they use: Settlement videos or Day In the Life videos. These are usually under 20 minutes and look very much like the stories you see in TV news magazines, both local TV and network. As the use of technology in growing by leaps and bounds in the practice of law, the use of these videos will surely grow as well.

If you’re a skilled producer, I’ve put together a special package about this business that I believe you’ll really appreciate. It’s called “Produce Day In The Life and Settlement Videos”

The title may not sound very sexy, but the information is important and could be a significant business booster for you. Try it out and if you don’t agree this is an important new video service you can offer, return it to me for a full refund. Fair enough? Just one job would pay for this package about 50 times over and I know you’ll get more than one. I really do want you to succeed.

Best Wishes,

Hal Landen

401 253 2800