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Final Cut Pro X heats up.

The introduction of Final Cut Pro X has stirred up a hornets’ nest of feelings among Final Cut Pro Users. The editors at Conan O’Brien’s show put together a very funny video which was available on YouTube, but yesterday morning was removed due to “copyright claims”. I’ve found another copy of this video which you can see on our blog at

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Time to Barter?

With the economy still struggling, more businesses are turning to barter as a way to conserve cash and produce new business. This ancient technique allows you to expand your market and maintain your cash-paying customers.

Over 65% of the corporations listed in the NY Stock Exchange are using barter to reduce surplus inventory and bolster sales. The U.S. Dept of Commerce estimates that 20 to 25% of world trade is now barter, and corporate barter is now a 20 billion dollar industry. Barter continues to carve out an important place in the U.S. and world economy.

Damon Dietz wrote in the VideoUniversity Members Only Forum:

“Join a Barter Network: barter networks are awesome. They are usually very inexpensive and you gain a ton of exposure to hundreds or thousands of other companies within the barter organization. You can find a lot of corporate video work on barter, and often wedding related stuff as well. Barter dollars can be used for business expenses such as bridal shows, advertising, graphic design etc., but I often use it for personal items such as Broadway plays, limousine and car rental, and much more. Additionally, you get your videos seen by more people and barter jobs often lead to referrals of cash paying clients.”

On the phone Damon told me the barter group he belongs to has over 10,000 members. It’s called Barter Depot and members are mostly from New York and New Jersey. This is one of the larger groups around the country. Cost is $150 to join, then $75 a year after that. They charge a small amount when you make a barter transaction. Damon says he knows some DJ companies that do hundreds of barters a year.

Like any business decision, do your home work thoroughly on this one. Check out barter groups in your area. See how many members they have. See what others think of them.

Local barter groups make more sense than national barter groups because most video businesses are local and regional rather than national. There’s no tax advantage in bartering. US law sees barter revenue as income, and members of barter groups are required to claim it.

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