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Why Renting Gear Makes Sense for Many Productions

Did you know you can rent DSLRs, lenses, camcorders and other production gear online? The rental company will Fed Ex the equipment to you, then you shoot with it and ship it back. They’ll even send you the manual if you’ve never used a particular camera before. They can also advise you on which gear is best suited to what you want to do.

Renting like this is a key concept for producers as explained in the Professional Video Producer course. For some markets, like weddings, it may be ideal to own all the equipment you need for the job, but for other markets owning is expensive and most of that gear sits unused for a lot of the time while you are selling, writing scripts, and editing.

The cost of renting production equipment is paid by your client as part of your production fee,

even though they may not know you are renting. For many productions, renting is the smart way to go. Not so much for weddings, although renting a lens could make a lot of sense. Think of what you could do with the extra money you don’t spend on buying. You could invest in marketing your business: a better web site, local SEO, advertising, direct mail, and more.

Feature films are nearly always done this way – renting only the gear they need just for the time it’s needed. For more information see BorrowLenses.

The Art Of Film And Video Editing Part-3

Editing gifts from Russia – The remarkable Kuleshov Editing Experiment. And the most celebrated scene in filmmaking the Odessa Steps scene from “Battleship Potemkin.”

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Music Industry Sends A Strong Message

Two wedding videographers were recently sued for using unlicensed music online. The suits were settled and while the terms were not disclosed, the settlements are believed to have been in the five figures.

Read the story at ABC News

As a result of this action, wedding videographers are dumping unlicensed music in favor of licensed, library or royalty free music. To see what others are doing, join the VideoUniversity Members Only Forum.

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