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One of the most common mistakes made by businesses and sales people is that they talk too much about themselves and their business. The focus of all marketing and sales efforts must be on what the client wants. Ask leading questions and then listen very carefully to the answers. This can give you all the information you need to close the sale

Offer to Make Short Product and How-Videos Tell Your Business Clients about:, the record breaking online retailer with over one BILLION dollars in sales which claims that products with video out-sell products with static text and picture pages by over 35%

And about:

How Google polled thousands of random surfers 18-40 years of age and found that 78% said that video was far more influential to their buying decision than static pages.

Excerpted from Professional Video Producer

Room Tone – What Is It And Why Do You Need It

The room that you may think is completely silent actually has its own noises. There may be computers humming, air ventilation noises, exterior sounds of traffic, air conditioning, fluorescent lights, or hundreds of other sources of subtle noises. Each sound is reflected off walls and furniture. These all contribute to a sound that is different from silence. This sound is called “Room Tone.”

Recording Room Tone is often overlooked, but can make a big difference in post production. The illusion of continuity is a vital aspect of making a video believeable. Room Tone can help you do that. The reason this matters is because normal editing may leave a gap of silence that sounds different from the “silence” of the room. On a good playback sound system this complete silence stand out like a sore thumb. The solution is to record some of this “Room Tone” or presence at the time of filming so you or your editor have a tool to smooth out any audio edits that might need help. You would use this in the timeline only where the natural room tone is missing.

After all the shots in a room have been completed, record room tone by using the same mic that recorded most of the scene and record 30 seconds of the room’s sound. Ask everyone on the set to stop moving and talking. Announce: “Quiet Please. We’re recording 30 seconds of room tone.” Your editor will be grateful.

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