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Improve Your Saleable Video Skills

Learning video editing software is a vital task for video producers. Naturally we have to master a non-linear editor, but that’s just the beginning. Photoshop and After Effects are other important applications in the video production world. Your skills with these programs can definitely affect your income. helps you learn software from Adobe, Apple, Microsoft and more. The online classes range from beginner level to expert level. Try out some of the free classes at Lynda’s

12.5 Principles of Sales Greatness from the Little Red Book of Selling

As you probably know, selling is the most important part of the video business or any business for that matter. Here are a few of the principles from Little Red Book of Selling by

Jeffrey Gitomer.

1. Kick Your Own Ass. The bottom line is that there is no stronger motivation than YOU WANTING IT. Selling is hard work. There are lots of excuses that will get in the way – I don’t like it, I’m not good at it, I won’t succeed, I don’t have a great looking car, etc. Those who succeed in business will own up and do whatever it takes until it works. As a riding instructor used to say, you have to fall off the horse five times and get back up five times.

2. Prepare To Win Or Let Someone Else Win. Do your homework. Know what you’re selling, what the customer wants, what solutions you can provide. Alfred Hitchcock said his pictures are finished before he set foot on the set – that is, once the script is completed. It was all in the preparation.

3. It’s Not About Price. It’s about value and relationships. Winning on price does not cultivate customer loyalty. The more value you give away for free, the higher perceived value there will be for the things you sell.

The Art Of Film And Video Editing Part-4

Sound Editing Styles, Producer’s cut vs. the director’s cut – the Hollywood battle. Read More.

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Professional Video Producer. Home study course shows how to start a successful home-based business producing corporate videos. Learn more.

Wedding Video For Profit. Book and CD show you the best marketing strategies in this economy. See for yourself.

Videotape legal depositions for $60 ”“ $100 an hour with a 2 ”“ 4 hour minimum. If your schedule is flexible, this can be an ideal full or part-time business which requires only basic equipment. Check it out.

If it’s important enough to pour money and work into, it’s important enough to write as a business plan. Your business deserves a business plan. Include a budget and the steps you will take. Make a plan. Plan your work. Work Your plan. Get help with your business plan.

“Powerful Sales Techniques for Corporate Video Producers” tackles all the tough questions producers face from their clients and prospects during almost every meeting. It’ll have you nodding in recognition and ”“ more importantly ”“ taking notes and developing a strategy for your next encounter with a corporate prospect! Read more.

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