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August 5th 2010

Did you know that more videographers have been hired through the VideoUniversity Forums than through their own local video associations? Not bad for $25 a year. Try it for one week. If you don’t agree it’s the best $25 you could ever spend in video, I’ll give you your money back. VideoUniversity Forums

The Upsell

Would you like fries with that? McDonalds is not the only one that uses that sales tactic. For “fries” you can substitute chips and a drink, a cabin with a deck, an HD TV, color highlights in your hair, Business Class, and many more. This is upselling. It is the sales practice of trying to encourage the client to purchase more than he or she originally intended to buy. Here are some ways other freelancers upsell:

A designer who is re-designing a website encourages the client to let them redesign the company logo as well.

A writer who is hired to write a press release encourages the client to also use their services to write articles for the web site.

These days you should offer as many different video services as you can. When, for example, you’re working on a wedding video, do you also inquire about doing business videos? Or if there are attorneys in the bridal party, do you inquire about doing video depositions or day in the life or settlement videos? You can also offer to transfer photos, home movies and more to DVDs. Don’t underestimate these simple transfer jobs. They can often lead to keepsake documentaries or video biographies worth thousands.

Naturally you have to bring up your pitch for more services at the right time. But make it a point to mention each appropriate service when you talk to clients. The more you do it, the easier and more natural it will become.

How many of these services do you offer in a serious way?

Business Videos Produce promotional and training video for businesses, corporations and non-profits.

Day In the Life and Settlement Videos If you are a skilled documentary producer, attorneys need your expertise. These videos are used in lawsuits and to settle out of court. Your documentary skills can result in multi-million dollar settlements.

Event Videos For Large Competitions This is an event video business that is unlike any I have ever seen. This one can bring in up to $20,000 in a weekend with little or no post-production! It does require some technical skills perhaps more than other video businesses.

Offer Video Duplication and Transfer Services Offer to transfer photos, home movies, VHS, etc to DVDs. And then, of course, duplicate the videos. These simple transfer jobs can often lead to documentaries or video biographies worth thousands.

Wedding Video For Profit: A Business and Marketing Guide

Profit from the wedding experts on the VideoUniversity Forums. The Members Only Forum is the busiest forum for wedding videographers on the Internet! Every aspect of wedding video has been discussed in depth. This book is the result.

Some New Products I Think You’ll Like

Independent Documentaries – Guide to Distributors Your documentary or feature film deserves distribution. This is the place to start. Here are all the best distributors for the independent with full notes on each one.

Getting Government Contracts for the Small Video Production Company

Discover how to become a government pre-approved production company. Then the government will call YOU for video production contracts. The US Government produces a ton of instructional and promotional videos. These contracts are easier to win than you may think.

I hope this gives you some ideas to improve your business.

Best Wishes,

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