May 11th 2010

Sales Tip

Learn to smile before you answer the telephone. It boosts your energy and brightens your voice. Try it for a few days. This really works.

Video Growing Quickly on Small Business Websites

Small businesses and non profits are rushing to getting videos on their sites. They’re also spending more on paid search advertising. According to online advertising firm WebVisible, the percentage of businesses with video on their sites grew 19% in the last quarter of 2009 which is four times the number for the previous year. Producers will be hired to produce these videos. Why not you?

To find businesses in your area that need videos, go to your Chamber of Commerce website or any good listing of local businesses and start clicking through to the members’ websites. Any site you find that does not have a video on the home page (most of them) will probably do more business with a testimonial video or a how-to video on their home page.

Here’s a company in my own town that has quite a lot of videos on their site. They have their own YouTube channel with how to videos, product demonstrations and much more. Video is clearly an important part of their business. Tell your potential clients how they too can benefit from a lot of short videos. Many of the videos on their YouTube channel have fairly low productions values, but they get the job done.

And while you’re at it, don’t neglect Non-Profit Agencies as potential clients. Most of them make heavy use of video. You’ll probably have to give them very good prices, but this just means you’ll have to be more efficient in the production. Show People Helping People which is most often what the agency is all about. These videos can be fun to produce because you’re working with people who are in it because they like helping people. You’ll find that one non-profit video often leads to another.

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Marketing Tip

Did you know that 70% of all new business is won after the fifth contact. So talk to your prospects, help them, and mention how video can help them. But most of all keep contacting them. Remember it takes five contacts to make most sales.