A video game producer oversees skilled designers, artists and writers. The producer schedules and manages the work being performed by voice actors, designer and writers. The producer negotiates with company owners and game designers.

Producers do not generally provide all the programming or coding because studios will provide their own expertise on major projects. Video game producers may have majored in business administration, English or history because these fields may be better preparation for project management.

To see if the field is for you, explore the possibility of an internship for a software development company. This experience can give you a good feel for the industry and introduce you to other aspects of video game production such as marketing and testing. Some people start with entry jobs in the music studio business or with software companies. Understanding how to work in the corporate world will be an asset.

A typical producer may be skilled in music production, animation and/or scriptwriting. To progress in the business, you will likely need to specialize in one aspect of video game production.

To create something you can show to prospective employers, get together with writers, designer, and sound artists and produce your own game. This can be a great to show during job interviews and may produce some income by selling it directly to gamers. Many job seekers will be looking for jobs as designers. A person who seeks to eventually produce may stand out in a competitive job market.

Study websites like https://www.gameinformer.com/, and magazines like Game Pro, Game Informer, Game Developer Magazine, and Nintendo Power.