Many people think this would be a perfect job and if you love playing video games, this can be ideal. Thousands of video games are produced every year. These games range from the major consoles games to those produced by very small companies. The catch is that there are many more people willing to do game testing than there are actual jobs. This article should help you maximize your chances of landing a video game testing job.

Testing jobs are not advertised or listed in Help Wanted venues. You will have to find game developers. These are the people who hire testers and many of the jobs are given to people who have shown the initiative to find the developers and present themselves in a resume as experienced and reliable.

The resume should list the games you play, the consoles you own, the kinds of games you play, how many hours a day and other related work you may have done. You might explain that you want to improve the quality of video games. Discuss the importance of the tester to the improvement of video games.

Write about your gaming methods and how you distinguish between mistakes and glitches when you are playing a game. Describe some of the errors or glitches you have discovered in games you play. These elements can all help your resume. Send resumes to every game producer you can find. Do a thorough job of finding producers and their contact information.

One way to build your resume is to test small web based games. These may not be as much fun as the latest Play Station game, but testing them gives you valuable experience that you can mention on your resume. These small jobs will not pay well, if at all, but the experience can help you into a career.

In games you play, look for glitches and errors. When you find them, document them thoroughly – when it happens, how it affect play, and if you can, list possible fixes for the problem. Then report these issues to the company that publishes the game. Your correspondence over this issue could help give you a contact person in that studio. And this could get your foot in the door of that company.

Small companies of game developers do not keep staff game testers. They subcontract the testing to testing companies. These testing companies will probably not advertise for video game testers. They would receive too many applications and inquiries from unqualified people who simply play games.

When you get an interview, always dress like a professional. You can always dress down if you get the job and if that is appropriate. This also applies to meeting people in the industry. First impressions count.