Music videos can be fun to watch, thrilling and moving. Making them requires some video production skills and hard work. If you are on a low budget, you will have to work with a small, talented crew. Look for people who are experienced and dependable. You will need to find locations that are free or very inexpensive, as well as private. Don’t risk shooting in public places without a permit. Fines for this can be very high.

Ideally your crew will own their own equipment so you make a package deal. If you need to rend gear, it is usually cheaper to rent from individuals than it is to rent from camera rental houses. But if you have to rent from a rental house, weekend rates can save you money.

On a low budget you must keep it simple. The music is the story so don’t go overboard with sets, props and story ideas.

Using available light outdoors will save you time and money. Shooting indoors will take more time and equipment.

On camera talent will need to work for free and to take care of their own wardrobe, makeup and hair.

Tick Tock. The clock is always running faster than you think on a music video set. Keep to your schedule. Don’t allow anything to throw the schedule off. If a shot isn’t working, shoot a simpler version of the shot and move on. If you’re lucky and get it done ahead of schedule, you can always come back and shoot more.