A series of video cameras can be combined into a video surveillance package. The cameras alone can prevent people from stealing or breaking and entering. But if a crime is committed, the recording of a video camera can help solve the crime. These cameras are very sensitive, some cab record in total darkness. Cameras can be hard wired or wireless. Some use motion detection software to set off an alarm, begin recording, or take other actions. Recording can be to an internal DVR or an external hard drive. Video and audio can be remotely monitored with Internet accessibility.

Many homes use hidden video surveillance cameras to monitor babysitters, nannies and other domestic workers. Businesses use video surveillance to prevent or catch internal theft which is a common problem in businesses. Video footage of any such transgression is hard to deny.

Setting up a video surveillance systems is simple. You need a surveillance camera kit, a drill and bits, fish tape coil for mounting wires (unless a wireless system is chosen), and a video monitor or TV set for the installation and possibly for monitoring the camera.

Connect the camera to its power supply and connect it to a TV set or monitor. Hold the camera where you plan to mount it and check that this position give you the coverage you need. If not move the camera until it covers the area you need to monitor. When you have the best position, hold the camera mount and with a pencil mark where the holes should be drilled. Be sure there are no electrical wires where you will be drilling. Remove the mount and drill pilot holes (slightly smaller than the screws). Replace the mount and screw it in position.

Connect the cable to the camera. Route the cable to the control box. This may involve drilling through a wall. Set up the control box. Choose the recording schedule, video storage, automatic email notifications, auto tracking and a host of additional options depending on the camera kit you purchase.

Set your camera to record for five or ten minutes. Play back the recording and see if all worked well.