You should have a video camera and its software already installed on your computer, either one you have bought or one that’s pre-installed (it is on many laptops).

With the latest Skype software installed (go to the Skype website for a free and easy download), sign in to your Skype account.

1. In Skype, click on the Contacts tab. Find the name of the person you want to call and see if they are online by checking the status icon. They may be on a phone or mobile line already, and if so an icon will show this, so you cannot make a video call. 

2. Click on the available contact, and see details about them in the main window.

3. Click the Video call button. The screen changes color, a call bar appears near the bottom of the screen and you will hear ringing until the other person answers. Wave, and say ”˜Hi!’

4. When you’re done, hang up, click End Call.


Good lighting in the room where you are making your video call will really help with the image quality from your end; the Contact you are calling should have good lighting, too. Some video cameras will get blurry with fast or sudden movements, so move slowly so your Contact can see what you are doing.

Skype allows you to capture a video snapshot of the person you are calling (find more information under Call, Video Call.) You can also make Group Video Calls with compatible contacts in your book.

Volume and call quality controls are also found in the Skype Call drop down menu.