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3. Enter this PayPal address: [email protected]
$100/hr for coaching. Specify how many hours and include your phone or email address so we can schedule the first session.
Each hour can be broken up into 2 or 3 smaller sessions.

I look forward to working with you and giving you my best advice and guidance directed to your situation. You can reach me at 401 253 2800 between 9 – 5 EDT or by email.

Hal Landen


Hi Hal,

The business is doing well – working on a couple of videos for a sizeable nonprofit agency at the moment, and I’ve got to say – I think it was your help with proposal-writing skills that got me the job…I received a request for proposal from this agency, and after sending in a proposal they sent out an update about budget questions which was not blind-copied, and I was able to see the other companies who were negotiating for the job…I went to their websites, and all of them were either larger or longer-lived companies than myself. All of them had better websites, too. So I didn’t expect to get the job – but I’m glad to say I did! So thanks again!

One kind of funny development lately, I don’t know if I mentioned before but I am from an island in Maine where all of my family are lobstermen. I got hired by a European production company to shoot/edit a sizzle reel one week last summer for them to pitch a reality show on my family, many of which are pretty amusing characters. There was no word for a while, but then CNN’s HLN network saw the video and went out there and shot some footage of my family.

Thank you.



Hello Hal!

Just wanted to send a note letting you know that your products and advice were instrumental in my video production company, Moments Video, being wildly successful – thanks!

I was able to sell my business after just 6.5 years of being in business and semi-retire quite comfortably! I then was able to earn an income as the buyer’s shooter and editor for twelve months, plus I was paid to train him for six months on how to run the company successfully.

Tthanks again!

Andy Hale


Thanks Hal!

You are a highly valued source of ideas and information, and I want you to know how much I appreciate how you’ve helped me grow in both my professional skills and in my business!



I’m a video producer and I regularly rely on Hal for his expertise and knowledge in the sale of my videos. Matter of fact, I can’t even count how many times he’s rescued me from making some pretty expensive mistakes! Thanks, Hal. ! — Harry, Harry & Maia Productions, LLC