The best way to create high quality slow motion is by shooting the subject at a high frame rate. But if your camera cannot do that, there are some free tools that allow you to create smooth slow motion in post. And this is much higher quality than many video editing programs which use simple frame interpolation techniques. The following video was created with a software program called MV Tools. MV Tools uses Optical Flow techniques to do this in post.

According to Wikipedia, Optical Flow is the pattern of apparent motion of objects, surfaces, and edges in a visual scene caused by the relative motion between an observer and a scene. Optical flow can also be defined as the distribution of apparent velocities of movement of brightness pattern in an image. Fortunately we can use the technique without fully understanding it.

MV Tools is free, but it uses scripts rather than a Graphical User Interface or GUI. So there is a learning curve if you are not used to using scripts. To use scripts you will need a video editing program which can process AviSynth scripts. Then you must follow a series of steps to convert the video and process the script.

A good place to learn how to Create Smooth Slow Motion In Post is an article entitled ‘Slo-Mo’ Video Using Free Tools

There are other ways to obtain Optical Flow using commercial programs such as Twixtor, Boris BCC and FCPX. The catch is that they are expensive.

Watch Simone Biles in extreme slow motion.

How many frames per second would you guess? I don’t know the answer but I have a pretty good guess. Include your fps guess in the comments below.

Slow motion gives a shot visual poetry in way nothing else can. Look for opportunities to include slow motion is your videos.