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REVIEW: Litepanel’s Micro LED light

By: Anthony Burokas
The Litepanels Micro looks to be a great, professional LED light more suited to the masses that want an affordable on-camera LED light from a professional company. But how does it work for a high school prom on top of a typical handheld, prosumer camcorder?... Keep reading >

Live Events with the New iPad 3

By: Anthony Burokas

Apple's New iPad 3 is making quite a splash. Several key features really play out to the benefit of media producers for whom ultra-fast turnaround is paramount. With the latest processing horsepower and the latest version of iOS iMovie a lot of computers are going to be ... Keep reading >

What the Canon 5DmkIII Means To Me

By: Anthony Burokas
It's finally here- the successor to the full-frame DSLR that sparked the entire Video-DSLR revolution (or upheaval as many called it.) On Friday, March 2nd, Canon announced the 5D MarkIII with ... Keep reading >

Making Your Old CCD Camcorder Continue to Pay Off

By Anthony Burokas

I'm a gear guy and I have HD gear. Yes, even my phone shoots HD now. But does that mean SD gear is dead? Not at all. The best kind of money to make is on projects that require no new investment. Because if you're constantly paying off new gear then you're not making as much money as you could. So where and how do you use SD ... Keep reading >

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