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When Director of Photography Cameron Glendenning was asked what special techniques they use when filming Deadliest Catch, he answered “try to remain standing.” And if you can remain standing, you need to quickly learn where you are safe and where you are in real danger. This is one of the most difficult assignments for a documentary cameraman. It’s hard on the people and hard on the gear. They order over 60 new HD cameras every season. Most of the damage to cameras is from salt water, which is not friendly to electronics. They’ve tried everything from underwater housings to customized rain bag/covers. But the most reliable solution is large ziplock bags and lots of electrical tape.

They use Sony HVR-Z5U and HVR-Z7U HDV cameras to shoot most of the series. One producer and cameraman is on the main deck, Another pair is in the wheelhouse. In addition there are four locked-off cameras that are permanently mounted around the ship and are constantly recording. There’s also a helicopter used for aerial footage near the harbor and there’s another cameraman on a separate chase boat. Numerous injuries occur every season.

Not every single shot is captured by a camera. A very few shots are produced with CGI (Computer Generated Imagery).

Deadliest Catch premiered on the “Discovery Channel” on April 12, 2005 and currently airs in over 150 countries.

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