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The Art Of Film And Video Editing Part-2

If you do much editing, you probably know and follow the rules of Hollywood Style Continuity Editing.

See our new article.

Camera & Photo Deals On Amazon

In case you haven’t noticed, Amazon now carries millions of items and their video and photo departments have grown dramatically. See if they have what you need.

Video and Website Design Services

Do you know someone who really needs a video, but doesn’t even have a website?

Build them a web site. Then add website design services to your offerings. When you think about it, websites and video are a natural combination. Companies hire producers and web designers for the same reason – to sell more goods and services.

Most often you will sell these complimentary services to the same person who has a title such as Marketing Director, V.P. of Marketing, Executive Director. This could cut your marketing costs in half and give you a new income stream. This one person will hire both a video producer and web designer.

Your client base would be businesses, organizations and individuals looking to establish a web presence with a user-friendly way to update and manage their site content. These are usually the very same companies who would buy your video services.

A number of companies acting like ad agencies offer both video production and web design. Some offer print ad services as well. It’s smart to offer clients WordPress Content Management Systems (CMS) because WordPress is the leading CMS. It’s easy to build and manage.

Can you become a WordPress designer? Absolutely! See the books and websites listed below.

Many WordPress designers don’t do any actual design work. They use the thousands of free or inexpensive “themes” as the designs they provide to their clients.

Like most of the video service business, the WordPress Design business model is time-based. Either you charge an hourly rate or quote flat project fees that are derived by estimating the amount of time a project will take. While a time-based model may be more difficult to scale, there are two factors that allow you to gradually raise your rates: your skill level and the demand for your services. Both should improve naturally as your WordPress Service progresses.

If you need help, there’s a large community of WordPress designers to support your craft, and a user-friendly platform to build on top of. Using WordPress is a highly efficient way to capitalize on your time-based business model. is a directory of freelance WordPress pros.

Now available: The Web Design Business Kit for Video Producers

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Professional Video Producer. Home study course shows how to start a successful home-based business producing corporate videos. Learn more.

Wedding Video For Profit. Book and CD show you the best marketing strategies in this economy. See for yourself.

Videotape legal depositions for $60 ”“ $100 an hour with a 2 ”“ 4 hour minimum. If your schedule is flexible, this can be an ideal full or part-time business which requires only basic equipment. Check it out.

Got a DSLR?

Check out the fine Zacuto line:

Zacuto Fast Draw System

Zacuto Crossfire Shoulder Mount Rig

Zacuto Z-Finder Pro

Double Barrel DSLR Shoulder Rig System

“Powerful Sales Techniques for Corporate Video Producers” tackles all the tough questions producers face from their clients and prospects during almost every meeting. It’ll have you nodding in recognition and ”“ more importantly ”“ taking notes and developing a strategy for your next encounter with a corporate prospect! Read more.

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