Google My Business For Video Producers

When people look for a local business like video production or video transfers, most of them use Google. All the various search engines provide their own local business listings. Google calls it “Google My Business.” These listings include business names, addresses, phone numbers and websites. One of the most powerful ways this information is available is through Google Maps. The search above is one of scores of possible searches, but it looks good to me. Oak Tree Press is my business name rather than VideoUniversity.

Try a search for “plumbers near me” or something else. The 3 listings that Google chooses win. My phone is not always ringing off the hook, but I see a definite upturn in business. You win customers when Google lists your business in this map listing.

Google My Business gives you what you need to provide a potential customer everything they need to find your video service business. After you “claim” your local business listing via the Google My Business dashboard, you can invite customers to write a review of your business. You can also add images and posts to help win the battle of eyeballs.

These local listings are part of local Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is the reason I’ve been asking everyone to review my business on Google. When I got serious about promoting my video transfer business, aside from VideoUniversity, I hired an SEO guy. Actually I hired two. The first one did not tell the truth and was let go. But Mark (contact info available on request) has been reliable and reasonably priced. Less then $1000 for several months of very structured local SEO work.

I did not want him to promote VideoUniversity in general, only my video business transfer pages. VideoUniversity does very well in searches for topics of interest to video producers because the site is respected; it’s been around for a long time and gets lots of traffic. VideoUniversity is national/international. But the transfer business is, for me, a very local business. The customers are very different. They are local consumers which is opposite from the video producers who follow VideoUniversity.

Google’s local business listings are displayed as something they call the local 3-pack. Google decides which are the top three most relevant results for any given search term and displays them in a listing adjacent to a Google Maps preview. You can place your business in Google’s local 3 pack. Work on it and be patient. The rules change constantly.

I thought I knew a lot about it until I talked with Mark, my SEO guy. I learned you can’t expect quick results. It will take months before you see a return on the investment. I can say that the local searches I care about have definitely been tilting in my favor and I am getting more calls. This was the reason I’ve been asking you guys to review my business. Mark says it doesn’t matter if the reviews are from transfer clients or from VideoUniversity clients.

Google My Business For Video Producers

You can learn how to claim your own Google business listing on Google maps or you can, like I did, hire an SEO specialist. I choose the latter because with two different audiences on the same website, I needed a smart strategy. And because Google changes the SEO game often. After I parted company with my first SEO guy, I asked the director of a local marketing association for recommendations. That’s how I found Mark and hired him. I’ve been happy with the results so far.

Local SEO is just one of the promotional tactics I’ve been using. The others include targeted newspaper advertising, direct mail, yard signs and more. I’ve been documenting the results in the new version of Start Your Own Video Duplication and Transfer Business. The new version will be ready soon and will be sent free to everyone who has purchased this ebook anytime in the last year.

Most of all a special thanks to all who have taken a minute to write a review of my business on Google.