Interactive Video Without Flash

For the longest time, Flash was the go to program to make interactive video. It is still used by many large sites, but Flash is clearly on its way out for reasons we’ve explored previously. See The End of Flash: Facebook and Firefox Attack Flash. YouTube has begun allowing the use of some annotations and that’s a start toward interactive video. However, there are some conditions that both the video and any external link must meet.

The interactive landscape has changed. Now instead of having few choices, there are a great many programs, some of which are free, which enable you to create powerful, stand-alone interactive videos. Interactive video without flash is now possible thanks to a variety of new applications. Here are a few:

Tumult Hype ( (for MAC only) $50. Use HTML5 to create interactive sites with video which can be seen on desktops, phones and iPads.

Popcorn Maker ( Free online program lets the user add data and context from the web. What’s different about Popcorn Maker is that unlike conventional video editors Popcorn Maker produces multimedia that can be influenced by data on the web. You can do things like add hyperlinks to text and popups for the viewer to click and go elsewhere on the web and more.

Multipop ( Starts at $.25 per interaction. Wraps your existing video player (like YouTube, Vimeo, or Ooyala) with the Multipop content editor. In most cases, your video player will provide you with a URL that allows someone to click through to your video. That’s what we need. Using that URL, you share your video with Multipop. We then use our software to find the video and sync our player. After that, all that’s left is for you to add content that helps engage your viewers or generate revenue from your content..transforms a video into one with interactive content. Add e-commerce, advertising opportunities, in-depth information and voting, all without disrupting the show.

Korsakow ( $50 is a computer program for the creation of database films that are interactive. The viewer influences the K-Film. They are rule-based – the author decides on the rules by which the scenes relate to each other, but s/he does not create fixed paths. K-Films are generative – the order of the scenes is calculated while viewing.

If you’re a producer, it is very much in your interest to view some of the examples of interactive video in the links above. You’ll see that interactive video has a great many applications for business clients. Click here to buy-it-now is just one capability that businesses need. Many of the program use HTML5, while others use Javascript or other. Many of the applications are drag and drop so the user does not have to touch any code. It’s too late to learn Flash so this is the place to be. Remember Flash doesn’t run on mobile devices.

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