The Video Duplication Business

By Steve Yankee

With a minimum investment of time and money, you can add significantly to your video income by offering video duplication.

Anyway you look at it, video duplication is an easy business. It’s inexpensive to start, cheap to maintain, and has great profit potential

I’ve always said that owning and operating a duplication system -whether it’s for CDs or DVDs –is like having a license to print money.

Let me explain. My former company, Great Lakes Video Services, operates in a fair-sized Midwestern city where producers and production houses abound. Very few of those tunnel-vision competitors bother to do their own in-house duplication.

“It’s too much of a bother,” they tell me. “Who wants to pick up a couple bucks here and there with duping DVDs when we make so much money shooting, editing and producing programs?”

I’ll tell you who wants to pick up “a couple bucks” here and there.


Having a duplication system is like having a license to print money. (Whoops, I said it again.) I know that for an absolute fact.

For the first four years in business, we grossed an average of $100,000 a year just for our duplication services.

Today, under the management and ownership of my daughter, Great Lakes’ duplication rack grosses over $15,000 a month. Now that’s SERIOUS money.

*If you’re producing video programs –whether they’re low or medium-end industrials, weddings, live events or your own “how-to” videos

–you should be in the duplication business.

*If you’re doing film, print or slide transfers

-you should be in the duplication business.

*If you’re doing video biographies

you should be in the duplication business.

Bottom line: if you’re NOT duplicating your productions, or offering these services to people who want copies of their own tapes or discs, you’re losing the opportunity to make a large amount of money.

With a minimum investment of time and money, you can add significantly to your video income by offering CD and DVD duplication!

Picture This:

A customer walks in, or calls you. They’ve got a one-hour video and need 10 DVD copies. You sell them on using your duplicating services, and they book the order. You receive the tape, and after printing the DVDs you put them in your dupe tower with 8 burners, you load all eight with blank DVDs, put your system to work, and walk away from it; there’s other paying work to be done!

An hour later, you take a break from your current editing chores, stroll over to your dupe tower. The DVDs are done. You quickly check your work to make sure all DVDs are recorded properly, and put them in the printer.

Since you need a total of 10 DVDs, you load in two more blank DVDs, start the master and begin recording. An hour later, you come back over to your tower, and check your work. All’s well, so you package up the order and let your client know his or her job is done.

For those few minutes of actual work, you charge your client $15 a DVD.

You’ve just made $150 in passive income, less the cost of your blank DVDs, Amaray cases, and printing. (About $3.)

Not bad for about 15 minutes of actual work, is it?

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7 thoughts on “The Video Duplication Business

  1. Pedro J. Santiago

    I would like more information on how to create my small company, the equipment and software needed and the Company to buy all the equipment and materials too start my Duplication system from VHS to DVD or to DVD to DVD, Thanks for your help, Pedro Juan Santiago, Media Specialist.

  2. admin

    Hi Pedro,

    Thanks for your comment. Our new product about the duplication business is in the works. We’ll announce it on this page when it’s available.



  3. Jackie

    I would like more information on starting a DVD/CD business. What programs are involved and what can be done. I am seriously interested in starting my own business. Thank you.

  4. milton

    I work with media at my church and do small duplication runs each week. I also have a full-time job with long hours that i’d like to walk away from. The duplication business sounds like a great idea. I’d be interested in learning more. Thanks!

  5. Larry

    Where have you been. I have been looking for help to do something like this for awhile. Thank you for all the information.

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