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Million Dollar Penalty To Drone Company

FAA is Proposing a $1.9 Million Civil Penalty Against SkyPan International for allegedly unauthorized unmanned aircraft operations. This is the largest civil penalty the FAA has proposed. The FAA alleges that SkyPan conducted 65 unauthorized operations in NY City and Chicago – some of the most congested airspace and heavily populated cities, violating airspace regulations […]... Keep reading >

NASA 4K Video from the International Space Station.

Change the settings on your player to 2160p (4K) Need some great background for a title sequence or other use? NASA footage is in the public domain because like all government video, this NASA 4K video was produced with U.S. taxpayer dollars. The footage is easily available on the NASA website and on YouTube. And […]... Keep reading >

Make Night Art with a Quadcopter

(Note: The original video has been removed. This shows the same idea.) Photographing light trails at night has been a popular technique of both still photographers and videographers. We’ve all seen the light trails of night traffic in a time lapse video. Light painting in still photography can be done a couple of ways. One […]... Keep reading >

January 30, 2015 | drone | , | Comments

DJI Prevents Its Drone From Flying In Washington, DC

DJI Prevents its Drone From flying in Washington, D.C. by changing its firmware.... Keep reading >

January 13, 2015 | Business of Video, drone | | Comments

FAA Approves Drone Use For Real Estate Company

The FAA approved a realtor to use a drone for promoting real estate. He is authorized to use a specific drone. He must ... Keep reading >

December 9, 2014 | drone, quadcopter | | Comments

New Rules For Small Aircraft In Canada

New Rules For Small Aircraft In Canada affect commercial UAV flight.... Keep reading >

November 24, 2014 | Business of Video, drone | | Comments

NTSB says Drone Flights Subject to FAA Regulations

NTSB says drone flights are subject to FAA regulations. Disappoints aerial videographers who fly quadcopters and fixed wing model aircraft.... Keep reading >

September 30, 2014 | drone, quadcopter, Uncategorized | | Comments

7 Video Companies Approved to Use Drones

Seven Video Companies Allowed to Use Drones... Keep reading >

Fed Lawsuits Contest FAA Drone Regulation

FAA Challenged Over Drone Regulation... Keep reading >

Police Vs FAA Over Drone Use

Can police use drones? San Jose says yes. FAA says no.... Keep reading >

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