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If your Business Name Is Hurting Your Business, Change it

If you name is holding you back, there are options.

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Ansel Adams Glass Negatives Found in Garage Sale for $45 Worth $200 Million

Professional Video Producer
Start part-time or full-time in this lucrative and satisfying work. Earn the respect of small businesses, corporations and non-profits who rely on your expertise. This is an amazing adventure and the best way to pay for video equipment! And a lot more. My home study course shows you how to start a successful home-based business producing corporate videos the right way. Discover the possibilities.

As Ben Franklin wrote: “Act Quickly on Opportunities”

“To succeed, jump as quickly at opportunities as you do at conclusions.” There are opportunities all around us, but the trick is being quick enough and smart enough to seize them when they arise. It’s easy to become a naysayer, but this can blind you to opportunities.

Videotape legal depositions for $60 ”“ $100 an hour with a 2 ”“ 4 hour minimum. If your schedule is flexible, this can be an ideal full or part-time business which requires only basic equipment. Read more.

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