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When They Can’t Say No

In selling I’ve often found that people hate to say “no.” Perhaps they’re trying to be kind or just don’t want to seen as negative so they’ll delay returning phone calls or emails. Rather than say “no”, they’d like to slip out of it by not answering at all. This puts you in an endless “Waiting For Godot” situation.

Years ago a partner and I were pitching a film idea to a wealthy couple who indicated they’d like to finance the documentary we’d developed. This was over drinks at the Carlyle Hotel in NYC. The fun-filled evening concluded with “yes, we’ll have our accountant call you.”

When they left, we were ecstatic. Being young and naive, we believed them and foolishly spent money we shouldn’t have, celebrating our new investors. The only trouble was that we never heard from their accountant and could not reach either of them on the phone.

The point is that some people just can’t say no. Whether it’s brides-to-be or marketing dudes. If they could say “no”, it would make business so much cleaner and easier. Not getting to “no” is frustrating and a waste of your time.

One strategy I’ve found for getting a timely answer is to set a clear deadline. You may think this risks losing the sale, but most businesses are used to time limits included on bids. And time limits sound reasonable to consumers so most will go for it without question. It’s a grown-up way to do business. It reduces stress and makes good sense for both parties.

If a corporate client takes a long time to get a decision, just ask where they are in the process. And if someone asks for an extension, ask how long they need and give them that time.

The secret to doing this the right way is to be calm, professional, and non-confrontational. Tell them you want their business, but you believe that a clear “no” is as important as a “yes.” You could put it in writing as “This bid and pricing is good for thirty days.”

This will help your business. If you make it part of your pitch, you will never find yourself waiting for the answer that never comes

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