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Hologram, Peppers Ghost and a New Live Performance for Dead Artists

Maria Callas, the legendary opera star, was according to the NY Times the greatest singer of the 20th Century. She died in 1977, but she performs in a new concert with a live orchestra. A company called Base Hologram is using an old technique called Peppers Ghost with new technology. They are offering the result […]... Keep reading >

February 22, 2014 | FX, Uncategorized, video technology | Comments

Condense a Popular Feature Film to One Minute

Condense the movie Die Hard to a stick figure animation and speed run it for one minute.... Keep reading >

What Every Producer Needs to Know about Adobe After Effects

What a video producer needs to know about Adobe After Effects.... Keep reading >

Using Google Earth In Your Video Projects

You've seen this in lots of high-end videos and movies. Chances are you've already played with this software. You do have to be careful to follow Google's rules, but if you do, this can add a lot of production value to many of your videos. ... Keep reading >

Apps for Filmmaking Android and iOS

DSLR Controller DSLR Controller is the first and only app that allows you to fully control your Canon EOS DSLR from your Android device with only a USB cable. No computer or laptop required. $7.73 DSLR Controller on Google ... Keep reading >

DSLRs and High Dynamic Range Imaging (HDRI)

This was filmed using two Canon 5D mark II DSLRs, each capturing the exact same subject via a beam splitter. The cameras are set so one records the subject overexposed, the other underexposed. After the footage has been recorded, a variety of HDR processing tools are used to to combine the video from the two cameras, yielding the clips you see above. This can also be done with one camera such ... Keep reading >

Photoshop CS6 Tutorials

These Photoshop CS6 Tutorials will get you up and running with this powerful new tool. Includes 10 hours of expert instruction.... Keep reading >

Chroma Key Basics for DV Guerrillas – Part 1

So you can't afford Betacam. You are giving up one meal a week to afford that Final Cut Pro rig you've got and you certainly can't spring for more pro equipment. You're not going to be able to afford what the industry sets as the bottom line for professional keying. You are a DV Guerrilla and you want to make unbelievable things happen in your garage. You want to make your kids fly through the air next to an airplane. You want to sit in a chair next to yourself and have a short conversation. Is it possible? ... Keep reading >

March 30, 2009 | FX, production | Comments

Chroma Key Basics for DV Guerrillas – Part 2

OK, so from Chroma Key Basics for DV Guerrillas Part 1, you have gotten up to shooting. As you enter this stage of the game, you should have some Chroma Key footage to work with. If not, go get some now. Keying is not an inborn gift. It is a skill that is improved upon with practice. One thing that must be understood with any compositing work is that there are always different ways of working. As you experiment, you will find the process and method that serves you best.You will also steal lots of great stuff from other compositors.... Keep reading >

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